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The Greenest Project on the Planet

Reusa-Can is a unique method of refurbishing*(not recycling) food and beverage can’s. We take your used can and refurbish it into a new can. We are able to remove the remaining rim from can without damaging the can. The can will then be sterilised and re–lacquered and made ready to receive a new cap. It eliminates all energy wasting recycling processes reduces our imports and transportation to a minimum. We are able to refurbish the same can up to ten times before they need to be replaced with a new one.

Recycled cans are crushed after collection and shipped between 6,000 and 8,000 miles to either India or China at enormous financial and environmental cost. They are smelted into steel ingots then made into expensive tinplate that we import back to this country to remake into the same type of cans we have just destroyed.

´Refurbishing` cans means the cans are renewed in the country or close by to where they are purchased then refurbished so they can be reused time. It will cut out up to 1,000,000 miles of shipping miles of energy and pollution that goes with it. No shipping transport, virtually no energy, no new materials, no chemicals, oil, coal virtually no water and no pollution.

Can refurbishing is shown in Picture 1 below. In simple terms the rim is removed from a can without damaging the can. It is then sterilised and re-lacquered so that it can be reused for whatever purpose the customer wishes.

reusa-can uses ‘no new materials’

Picture 1

Can 'A' is a standard can of beans; 'B' is an empty can but with its rim still in position. 'C' shows an empty can with its rim removed and no damage to the can. The removed rim is next to it. 'D' is a plain un-lacquered de-rimmed can with a cap in position ready to be sealed. 'E' is a refurbished can lacquered inside and out. Finally 'F' shows a finished can capped and sealed with another product in it. It could be used for anything including food. There is no difference in height or capacity. Each can could be refurbished up to ten times; this increases savings by ten. Cans are sterilised several times prior to being re–lacquered. Inside lacquers would suit whatever food or other products put into it. No new materials are used apart from lacquers and only enough energy is used to power machines. Each refurbished can is as good as a new can. Reusa-Can eliminates all wasteful recycling processes including crushing and transporting them thousands of miles causing considerable sea pollution.

reusa-can will save energy and oil

Reusa-Can is designed to reuse the hundreds of billions of food and beverage cans produced throughout the world. It will not save the world from an oil shortage; it is not designed to do that. It is hoped that by reusing our resources more wisely it will slow down our use of oil and other precious resources. Also reduce land, water and atmospheric pollution.

Oil Consumption Clock

This clock illustrates how much oil is being used throughout the world daily, monthly and annually. Please note that we have already passed the ‘Peak Oil’ date according to this clock from now on oil production will decline but population growth is increasing. Something has to give; soon we will not have the resources to feed the 6.5 billion people already on the planet never mind the forecasted 9 billion by 2030.

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We believe that Reusa-Can is a necessary progression in the manufacture of cans. Our resources are decreasing rapidly and action must be taken reuse as much of our everyday resources as possible.

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